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Agencia Aduanal Isabel A. Ramon, S.C., is a company which provides Importation and Exportation Customs Services related with foreign trade.

Agencia Aduanal Isabel A. Ramon, S.C., is committed and implements safety controls that promote the business continuity by strengthening the supply chain, as well as the construction of trust relationships with our peers, customers and suppliers.

We are committed to maintain and improve a Management System in Control and Safety in the Supply Chain with the purpose of avoiding that the company is used for illicit activities related to drug trafficking, smuggling or terrorism.

For this purpose, we implement safety international standards based in the program known as Operador Logistico Acreditado (OLA) (Accredited Logistics Operator) and in the Nuevo Esquema de Empresas Certificadas (NEEC) (New Scheme of Certified Companies) and we focus in the following objectives:

Develop and execute preventive actions destined to avoid the smuggling of merchandise, narcotics and terrorism by means of the commerce of our organization.

1. Provide the organization with a managerial tool that allows keeping and strengthening the business with high safety in the international trade logistics.
2. Optimize, standardize and look for the continuous improvement in the processes, operations and safety protocols of our supply chain, with the purpose of assure them against the risk of illicit activities.
3. Keep the international credibility in the legality of our products and services.
4. Implement a safety culture in the organization to be able to avoid that our products/services are used for illicit activities.
5. Fully commit our commercial partners: Customers, suppliers, authorities and internal collaborators in complying with the NEEC in our operations.

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